#JAZZHOME – A diary of a Jazz musician under lockdown days in Italy

In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm

“#JazzHome: Jazz shall not be quarantined. A diary of a Jazz musician under lockdown days in Italy” is a new daily serial by the Italian composer, drummer and musician Cecilia Sanchietti and it is entirely dedicated to jazz (17-30 April 2020).

In 2019 Cecilia took part in Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival, an annual festival with some of the most important names of the modern jazz.

#JazzHome arises from the difficulties that musicians are forced to deal with in this particular period. As Italy shuts down, jazz and its artists transform, renew themselves, find solutions and news opportunities. Concerts, festivals and events are cancelled as venues close and music schools suspend all activities. Human and economic effects of this pandemic are huge. Problems arise easily as well as sometimes sorrow and dejection. People cannot meet to play professional music nor for fun. Now, more than ever, people understand how music is a vital source.

However, thanks to its inner strength, jazz music finds its way out. Musicians start thinking how to survive lockdown, to make use of their time and play their music. Music is life and thus vital for people, who listen to it.
Jazz music adapts to the lockdown and moves towards people. It finds new ways to shorten distance and transmit emotions, information, culture, education. More than any other music genre, jazz has a creative, interpersonal and a human nature. A computer or a smartphone become an instrument to get involved and keep people together.

“In vain close your ears to jazz. Jazz is life. It is art. It is the melancholy of the passions. It is us today”
(André Coeuroy and André Schaeffner)

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Poster Stockholm Women International Jazz Festival 2020 Stockholm
The 7th of March 2020 it will take place the second edition of the #wijfsweden.

The 2020’s program highlights musicians from Japan, Canada, Denmark and Sweden. Sisterhood, connection and friendship are the keywords that characterise this year’s festival which returns to TeaterStudio Lederman for another great night of Jazz!

We´re so thrilled to present:

Malin Wättring 4 with guest Lisbeth Diers (Sweden/Japan/Denmark)
Emie R Roussel Trio (Kanada, Québec)
Marilyn Mazur trio (Danmark/Sverige/Japan)

Limited seats! So don’t miss out and book your ticket today and get discounted tickets  on Billetto.se or TeaterStudio Lederman (teater.lederman@tele2.se or call +46 08-303094).

Come and celebrate with us!

Thanks to the support of Musikverket, Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of Denmark and Kulturens.

Malin Wattring Lisbeth Diers SWIJF

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Our festival is all about fostering these values of collaboration, connection and sisterhood. This year we open with two incredible jazz artists in a First-time-ever combo. Malin Wättring, one of Sweden's most interesting young jazz artists, acknowledged both as a saxophone player and a composer, invites the brilliant percussionist Lisbeth Diers(DK), who during most of the 30-year career has blasted most musical boundaries. A special collaboration for #WIJFSWEDEN


AFTERMOVIE Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival 2020

MATERA DREAMING: a short video

matera dreaming nbc 2019

Being the producer of the “Matera dreaming” project is something I am very proud of.

An amazing job done to celebrate Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, with the poetic and visionary Nils Berg Cinemascope .

Thanks to the precious collaboration with Onyx Jazz Club Matera . Stay tuned, since this mesmerizing video made by the excellent Mike Højgaard it’s only the ‘starter’. The ‘main course’ is yet to come.


Poster Lusofoni Festival Stockholm

LUSOFONI FESTIVAL 2019 – We’re preparing for the edition 2020. In the meantime, check out the highlights of the greatest celebration of Portuguese-speaking music & culture at Stockholms Kulturfestival

Storytelling with Clara Haddad and kids activities with Unidos no Mundo da Literatura Brasil & SuéciaLusitânia APE
Amazing energy from Associação Cultural Hodi & Kuvumbana – East African dances in Sweden Celso Paco Putxana Manhiça Augusto Manhiça
Beautiful fado with Joana Amendoeira and Cape Verdean rhythms by Nancy Vieira
Dj-duo from Lisbon Irmãos Makossa

Thanks to Dan Ivar for the great images!
Team: Vânia Mendes Silvia Sardeira Loredana Franza


While we´re preparing for next year, check out the highlights of LUSOFONI FESTIVAL 2019 – the greatest celebration of Portuguese-speaking music & culture at Stockholms Kulturfestival! 😍👌🥁*Storytelling with Clara Haddad and kids activities with Unidos no Mundo da Literatura Brasil & Suécia, Lusitânia APEAmazing energy from Associação Cultural Hodi & Kuvumbana – East African dances in Sweden Celso Paco Putxana Manhiça Augusto ManhiçaBeautiful fado with Joana Amendoeira and Cape Verdean rhythms by Nancy Vieira Dj-duo from Lisbon Irmãos Makossa*Thanks to Dan Ivar for the great images!Team: Vânia Mendes Silvia Sardeira Loredana Franza

Pubblicato da LusofoniFestival su Lunedì 14 ottobre 2019



! This year we´re back at Galärparken with PARKTEATERN stockholms stadsteater. Check out our amazing line-up!

🌿 Improbasen – Kids play Jazz
Young musicians from Denmark, Norway and Sweden play together!

🌿 Instruments Try-out for children and family with Fri Luft

🌿 Swing Tarturo Children’s concert and Swing-bip bop!

🌿Måns Persson’s Petit Big Band
Chanson Française, Brazilian bossa nova, Gypsy Jazz and Swedish sounds!

🌿 Hannah Tolf Band
Between jazz, pop and experimental, in the spirit of Patrick Watson, Nina Simone and Mercedes Sousa. Must-see! 

🌿 musicmusicmusic
Acclaimed piano trio and pioneers on the Swedish indie jazz scene with hundreds of concerts around the world.

Design by Carlos Páscoa – Illustrations and Comics

Join us ❤️Share with your friends ❤️ FREE- ENTRANCE!Abbiamo il piacere di annunciare la formazione per il jazz i parken 2019!

Proud and happy!

Stockholm Womens International Jazz Festival

Big success for the first edition of the Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival, produced by Semente, cultural productions! Last Saturday, 9th of March, the Teater Studio Lederman was SOLD OUT. Dagens Nyheter, one of the most important national newspaper in Sweden, and Orkester Journalen, the biggest Jazz magazine, reviewed the event: DN: “Is it really relevant to point out that Sanchietti and Øiseth are also women? Usually, not at all. They are musicians and should not be reviewed based on their gender belonging but because of how they play. – …female musicians are still disadvantaged in the entire music industry . Considering the initiative, Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival concerns almost exclusively with this.” OJ: “What a luck to be there, because it was a nice Festival!”

Activities 2018/2019

lucsofoni festival loredana franza organization

Elle Effe Events has been involved in the following productions and activities:




  • Daniel Karlsson Trio (SE) Italy Tour 2018 (Spring – Autumn 2018)
  • Nils Berg Cinemascope Festival “Suoni Mobili” Milano- IT (July 2018)
  • Nils Berg Cinemascope Festival “Suoni Mobili” Milano – IT, LAC en Plein Air Lugano – CH (July 2019)
  • Daniel Karlsson Trio (SE) Italy Tour 2019 (Autumn 2019)


  • “Nuova Generazione Jazz 2018″​ for Sweden and Norway – international promotion project of young italian jazz musicians by italian Association I-JAZZ (December 2018)
  • “Nuova Generazione Jazz 2019″​ for Sweden and Norway – international promotion project of young italian jazz musicians by italian Association I-JAZZ (November 2019)


Some pictures from this amazing adventure of @Suoni dal Futuro Remoto with Nils Berg Cinemascope in Matera, August 2019.
lusofoni event organization Loredana Franza
Lusofoni 2019 – Stockholm – SE
Jazz i Parken 2019, Stockholm – SE. Photos by Dan Ivar
Daniel Karlsson Trio – Matera – IT, 2018