#JAZZHOME – A diary of a Jazz musician under lockdown days in Italy

In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm

“#JazzHome: Jazz shall not be quarantined. A diary of a Jazz musician under lockdown days in Italy” is a new daily serial by the Italian composer, drummer and musician Cecilia Sanchietti and it is entirely dedicated to jazz (17-30 April 2020).

In 2019 Cecilia took part in Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival, an annual festival with some of the most important names of the modern jazz.

#JazzHome arises from the difficulties that musicians are forced to deal with in this particular period. As Italy shuts down, jazz and its artists transform, renew themselves, find solutions and news opportunities. Concerts, festivals and events are cancelled as venues close and music schools suspend all activities. Human and economic effects of this pandemic are huge. Problems arise easily as well as sometimes sorrow and dejection. People cannot meet to play professional music nor for fun. Now, more than ever, people understand how music is a vital source.

However, thanks to its inner strength, jazz music finds its way out. Musicians start thinking how to survive lockdown, to make use of their time and play their music. Music is life and thus vital for people, who listen to it.
Jazz music adapts to the lockdown and moves towards people. It finds new ways to shorten distance and transmit emotions, information, culture, education. More than any other music genre, jazz has a creative, interpersonal and a human nature. A computer or a smartphone become an instrument to get involved and keep people together.

“In vain close your ears to jazz. Jazz is life. It is art. It is the melancholy of the passions. It is us today”
(André Coeuroy and André Schaeffner)

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